Giving Back To Mother Earth

At Rooh, our core values are to give back to our wonderful makers, celebrate the art of fashion and care for our people and planet.

Throughout the month of April, we will be planting one tree for every sale in an effort to give back to our beautiful planet.

plant a tree carbon footprint - Rooh Collective

We believe that as a small business looking to be at the forefront of becoming a fully sustainable brand, hopefully leading others to follow in the same path, it is our responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We have partnered with ReForest Now, a not-for-profit set up to restore what was once Australia’s largest expanse of subtropical rainforest. Since early settlers arrived in Australia, this rainforest, home to some incredible biodiversity including endangered and vulnerable native wildlife and species, has reduced to 1% of its original size. ReForest Now’s Plant a Tree Initiative, has planted over 245,000 trees but their work is far from complete.

We are inspired by nature on a daily basis and it shows in our pieces. Our exclusive Zephyr print has been hand-drawn by incredible artists Danielle Milojevic and shows yellow and green florals in remarkable detail. Chapter I of our latest serendipity Collection portrays stunning blue and pink floral pinks which add femininity and individuality. We believe being out in nature brings us an inner peace like no other, and we want to forever bask in the glory that is our wonderful Mother Earth.

plant a tree carbon footprint - Rooh Collective

Help us give back to our beautiful, and vital, Mother Earth by choosing to shop Rooh Collective this month. Along with your unique, handmade garments, you will be helping us reach our goal of replanting a forest filled with life.