Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week packs 7 days of action, bringing together the largest fashion activism movement. It is held in remembrance of the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse, where 1100+ people lost their lives and over 2500 were injured. 

They manufactured clothes for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. The week commemorates their sacrifice and acknowledges that no one should lose their life for fashion. Find out more about the organisation here.

A New Fashion Wave 

As a business we aspire to combat the exploitation of labour and natural resources and build a brand that makes conscious fashion choices while employing talented workers. 

Our foundation lies on three key pillars that strive to give back, care for its people and planet, and celebrate the art of fashion. 

Women On Top

Our love for fashion is undeniable, and keeping this in mind we have established a female-run studio space in Mumbai, India, where we produce handcrafted clothing. 

We have started with ensuring the artisans work in clean, comfortable, safe, and well-maintained conditions with stable amenities. We take pride in providing fair wages, practising sustainable manufacturing, and refraining from child labour. 

Women are at the centre of this venture. It was founded by Stephanie Ta, an Australian, and the studio is run by Meenu (Stephanie Partner’s Mother) and Shashi (Head Artisan) in India. 

They manage operations and ensure a good working environment. Rooh aspires to encourage and celebrate female artisanship in a male-driven Indian society. 

“We want to maintain equality for women as other males working at the studio,” Steph says. 

We ensure these women are empowered, paid fairly and get the same training and support as the other male artisans. 

Nifty Drifty Designs 

Each of our designs is conceptualised in Australia and is brought to reality by the super talented artisans in India. The clothes are handcrafted by women who are experts in what they do. 

The designs are modern and have a clean manufacturing track. We love knowing where our fabric comes from and also promote the same goals, maintaining business integrity as the new norm in our industry. 

So far we have trialled organic khadi cotton, organic linen, and natural silk and satin. Natural dyes are used to add colour to them. These fabrics are breathable, biodegradable, and toxin-free. But this is just the start, our journey to keep trialling new sustainable fabrics and techniques is just getting started. 

Leaving No Footprints Behind 

In order to create some awareness and our ambition to become an advocate of  a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry, we are cutting down on their carbon footprint by planting a tree for every sale made in AprilWe have partnered with ReForest Now to restore Australia’s largest subtropical rainforest.

On their journey to empower and support women, Rooh Collective also launched a partnership with the Happy Boxes Project. The initiative provides toiletries and beauty products to women in remote areas who do not have otherwise access to these facilities. Overall, the project seeks to promote kindness, happiness, and love. 

Giving back to our artisans who produce pieces with their hard work is who we are. It serves to care for its people and the planet by adopting and maintaining sustainable business practices. 

Finally, it operates to celebrate the art of fashion, for its audience to express themselves with what they wear. 

Our promise to upholding our founder’s passion and our core values as a business while making clothing and other decisions is focused on progress and not on perfection.

We want our industry to set benchmarks and create awareness where all businesses pledge to operate sustainably, transparently, speak openly, and respects its planet and their people before anything. Promoting fashion is our goal but we need to do it whilst staying natural and maintaining quality.