Those who are truly devoted to motherhood.
Those with power, with careers and always with constant motivation to give their all. 
Those who show is the strength and patience to do this all day, every day.



This coming Sunday, we want to celebrate mothers all over the world, including Mother Earth herself.

For us at Rooh Collective, being a female run business and with a Founder who will become a mother in near future, we want all women who wear our dresses to feel feminine, empowered and confident to go through life and motherhood exuding their individuality. 

Our pieces are our narrative. We hope that they inspire all mamas out there to tell their story.

We design and  make our dresses with the intention for them to last and empower women, giving them confidence and individuality. Our pieces are narrative. We hope that it inspires all mamas out there to tell their story.


Our mums and the mums around us not only educate us on the incredible, natural capabilities of our female bodies and minds, but also show us the hardest and easiest parts of what being a mother means. So many women out there own this, and are honest about their own life experiences, and we are so grateful to have them as our inspiration.

For all young mamas these days, there are great resources available where you can network, be inspired and be supported by other honest and resilient mothers, such as mothers groups, Instagram and Facebook groups. 

We believe so many influential women out there support their community of followers by sharing their journey of motherhood and parenting so openly. As a new mum, old mum, or mum to be, you can never have enough support around you and so to have these other women to relate to and guide you, is a huge comfort and feeling that you are not alone.

“It is of great comfort and a point of reassurance when I see mums online being raw, open and honest about their experiences which provides me a sense of security for when I become a mother in the near future. It has been truly liberating seeing women support each other and be able to resonate with each other’s experiences of motherhood” Steph says.


For us in particular, amazing women like Krystal Hipwell (@krystalhipwell), Brooke Ritchie (@brookearitchie) and Leah Williams (@the.dearest.days) are such an inspiration to us. They show us how beautiful motherhood can be, and they wear Rooh Collective as a statement to show anyone can run after children, breastfeed or grow a baby bump and look absolutely stunning at the same time.

“As a mama the morning are usually pretty hectic, so finding an outfit is the LAST thing on your mind; hello sweat and activewear! But nothing beats the feeling of a brand new dress…", Leah Williams, @the.dearest.days

Our dresses have been made from 100% organic Khadi cotton, meaning no toxicity in the fabric keeping you looking beautiful and healthy at the same time. They have been made to last and will cover that cute baby bump and follow you postpartum through the rest of your motherhood journey.