Daphne | Nude


Sienna | Rose Gold


Isla Midi | Abstract


Zoey | Burgundy


Bloome Maxi Skirt


Lena Maxi | Cream


Lena Maxi | Tan


Neya Midi | Tan


Zoey | Lime


Sienna | Mustard Gold


Charmed Mini | Papaya


A Bride's Favourite Bridesmaids Dress

A bride's favourite bridesmaid dress is not just a simple garment; it's a reflection of her style, vision, and the close bond she shares with her dearest friends. Sustainable fashion allows brides to make a conscious choice that extends beyond the wedding, leaving a positive impact on the world.

Why choose an ethically made bridesmaid dress?

Choosing an ethically made bridesmaid dress is a reflection of your values and a commitment to a wedding that aligns with responsible consumerism. These sustainable bridesmaid dresses are crafted with care, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for the artisans involved. Not only do they showcase high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs, but they also lessen the environmental footprint.

Shop sustainable bridesmaid dresses at Rooh Collective

Investing in high-quality, ethically made dresses that can be cherished and worn beyond the wedding day is a thoughtful choice that resonates with the collective well-being of our global environment. We offer a range of beautiful maxi dresses and midi dresses, with our elegant silk dresses being the most popular for these formal events. Support Australian ethical fashion today with Rooh Collective.


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