Poppy | Zephyr


Poppy | Ombre


Sienna | Rose Gold


Amira | Teal


Esme Gown | Pine


Zoey | Burgundy


Poppy | Toile


Lena Maxi | Tan


Ethically Made & Sustainable Maxi Dresses

Elevate your elegance with our collection of ethical and sustainable maxi dresses. Discover a world where fashion meets compassion, where each dress embodies the grace of ethical craftsmanship and the beauty of sustainability. Our maxi dresses are designed to make you look and feel exquisite while treading lightly on the planet.

Wedding Guest Maxi Dresses

When the occasion calls for sophistication and style, we have you covered with our wedding guest maxi dresses. Explore a curated selection that celebrates the joy of love and the art of dressing up. From timeless classics to contemporary stunners like our much-loved Birthday Gown, our maxi dresses will ensure you're the best-dressed guest, leaving a lasting impression on every wedding celebration.

Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses

For those seeking versatility and allure, our long sleeve maxi dresses are a wardrobe must-have. Embrace the beauty of year-round fashion with dresses that effortlessly transition from season to season, like our best selling Poppy Maxi Dress. Whether it's a crisp autumn day or a cool summer evening, our long sleeve maxi dresses offer both comfort and style, ensuring you're prepared for any occasion.

Why Shop Maxi Dresses at Rooh Collective?

We invite you to embark on a fashion journey that transcends trends and embraces timeless elegance. When you shop our maxi dresses, you're not just investing in impeccable style; you're supporting a commitment to ethical practices and women's empowerment in fashion. Each dress is a testament to our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and the planet.

Discover the Rooh Collective difference, where fashion and ethics coexist harmoniously. Join us in redefining luxury and celebrating the beauty of maxi dresses that make a statement – about your values, your style, and your enduring elegance. Explore our collection today and experience the Rooh Collective magic firsthand.

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