“With the start of Rooh, I have been able to put people first. Not only being able to emphasize the fair and ethical supply chain by sourcing fabrics and working with partners from areas I know that operate in modest conditions.
And not to mention, I love fashion.”

Sydney-born Stephanie Ta is the Founder & Creative Director of Rooh Collective.

Steph began her fashion journey with Rooh when she paid a visit to India in 2018, alongside her fiancé Akshay. Akshay’s mother runs a family-owned studio in the centre of Mumbai and Steph visited it on their trip. The artisans who worked at this studio had a huge impact on Steph. She witnessed their skills, their passion and their love for their work and knew she had to be a part of showcasing this. These wonderful artisans welcomed Steph and Akshay into their homes and shared their stories over cups of homemade chai. Steph learned that most had worked for this studio for over 25 years, using the same techniques in dyeing and stitching, making everything by hand and using sustainable and organic materials.

Not long after Steph’s return to Australia, the COVID pandemic hit, affecting many jobs and industries around the world, including this studio in India. Steph knew that despite a worldwide pandemic she wanted to launch her brand, and stabilise jobs for these talented artisans, and so Rooh Collective was born.

'Rooh’ means spirit of soul in Hindi. Steph has always been inspired by nature and art, and these, combined with her love of travel, came out with each Rooh design. The initial designs were drawn with practicality in mind as well as comfort, but mostly a unique edge to each piece allowing for those wearing them to reflect their spirit and individuality - thus creating ‘Rooh’ Collective.