Introducing Serendipity

As Australians begin to bathe in the warm, bright summer days, Rooh emerges in signature, free-flowing silhouettes adorned by the colours of spring and soft floral prints. 

Our Serendipity Collection is a celebration of our journey in the creation of Rooh Collective.

For our Creative Director, Stephanie Ta, showcasing these prints are a direct expression of the unique flora and fauna of Steph’s Australian and Chinese cultures and her finance and business partner Akshay’s Australian and Indian cultures. The designs of our Serendipity collection are hand-painted on canvas by two local Sydney artists and digitally printed onto organic cotton.

Introducing the Celebration print symbolises the adaptability of the duo and our team to manoeuvre through the roadblocks of the recent unprecedented events of COVID-19 and of the creation of something that was more than just a brand or clothing, but also a lifestyle. 

Through this constant state of flux, the duo travel back to their humble beginnings of what precipitated Rooh and the singular opportunity they had to seize to work with talented artisans and lead the transition to sustainable fashion. Reimagining the future and endless opportunities ahead, the lotus and marigold flowers signify the optimistic outlook for the future.

The Zephyr print (Coming Soon) is inspired by the masterly artisans in India who are a key piece of Rooh. Through their expertise, pieces are handcrafted and made with love to be gifted around the world to women where they can feel their confident selves wearing Rooh. The chrysanthemum was accurately chosen to evoke feelings of friendship and the yellow palette undeniably exhibits the joy and positivity Steph and Akshay experience through this pursuit with the artisans.

As the cliché saying goes, everything happens for a reason… and it was through pure Serendipity, that Rooh was born.