Grounded - The New AW22 Collection by Rooh Collective

Rooh Collective, Grounded Collection, Organic & Ethically Made Women's Fashion

New times. New “normals”. New fashion. 

In a modern world of constant "news", staying strongly focused, and grounded overall is what makes a difference. If the new world has taught us anything so far, it’s that nothing is for certain. Everything is susceptible to change, provoked or unprovoked. With limited reach to physical things that can spark creativity and originality, staying true to our style, our beliefs, and keeping a great balance is what has defined the last two years. It was a time for self-examination, pushing boundaries and making the uncommon a norm.

As the world started to awaken, so did our desire to redefine the meaning of fashion. This time, with a huge dose of comfortability and cosiness, something that strongly dominated over the past two years. With a strong and balanced mind, fresh ideas, and overall, being grounded through the entire time, the passion to celebrate fashion through our designs came to life. 

From the first moment Grounded was defined, it was set to be an ode of the new life and awakening. The strong, modern, and contemporary woman wants to enjoy fashion in a way that will provide her with just the right amount of comfortability, as well as versatility and the extraordinary style. 

Our AW 22 collection Grounded is inspired by the earth, the world and by nature. Each design is carefully thought out and re-invents the silhouette through the new approach of using sustainable practices, fabrics and prints. It is a new fashion journey, where the more grounded self has the full benefit in the perfect mixture between fashion, art and connection with nature.

Grounded is a perfect blend of colours and lines. Our reinvented silhouette puts the accent on the off-shoulder tops with elasticised details and waistlines, where you can instantly feel our spirit, our Rooh. The ruffles, the layering, and the volume of the dresses transfer you to some new, greener, fashion world. All of that is carefully curated with the vibrant and dominant, yet subtle and appealing earthy tones. Rust, dusty violet, crisp white, and pine green are just some of the shades that make this collection close to our hearts, as well as nature.

Rooh Collective, Grounded Collection, Organic & Ethically Made Women's Fashion

With a campaign photoshoot set on the lands of Marrangorra – the aboriginal land of Richmond, New South Wales, the nature, the environment, and the farm setting delivered the truest and exact effect on how Grounded was envisioned to embrace the Mother Nature in all of its forms.

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