Lumière - The New SS23 Collection

Lumiere Collection - Rooh Collective



Sunlight – the integral part of world evolution depends on its presence. Through the centuries, sunlight has always been an inspiration to many different industries, accentuating its importance and necessity. The fashion industry has always looked towards the sun and sunlight as an inspiration for new creativity. The light of the sun is what breathes life in and Lumière breathes life into our newest collection, inspired by the warm and pleasant sun and sunlight.

Lumière Collection - Rooh Collective

Nature blooms when there is light. So does fashion too. The light coming through the delicate fabrics, accentuating different textures and shaping the colour in some new shade is what Lumière is.

Inspired by the earth and nature, light is an inevitable link in creating the most delicate and unique pieces. Each of the pieces of the Lumière collection tells an individual story, but as a whole, this collection truthfully and colourfully illuminates the sunlight.

Lumière Collection - Rooh Collective

The positivity that the light brings to any fashion piece is what shapes and makes a trend, as well as a collection too. The sunlight falling onto different fabrics delivers the most unique and appealing finishes. The prints and patterns look different under the rays of light. All of that comes as inspiration from beautiful nature. As everything awakens when there is light, each fashion piece from the Lumière collections shines in the most exquisite way.

As one of the pillars of the brand, art and fashion have an unbreakable bond; their relationship creates beauty. It serves the most original silhouettes, designs, and looks. The results are unimaginable when the love of nature and the environment work together with fashion and art. There are magnificent shapes, details, additions, and colours. Lumière perfectly blends the delicacy of each piece, which is full of femininity, romanticism, and softness.

Lumière Collection - Rooh Collective

Classic yet stylish and evergreen, the Lumière collection is the luxury and sustainable take on new and improved fashion. Dive deep into the sunny side of the Lumière collection. Better fashion choices lead to a better tomorrow!

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