Inspired By You: Tanya Rose Lambart

Forever inspired by the incredible women who wear our pieces, we want them to feel unique, powerful and use their clothing as an outlet to express their truest selves.

An extraordinarily talented photographer and content creator, we were lucky enough to sit down with Tanya Rose Lambart to discuss how she came into this line of work. Follow Tanya on Instagram @tannierose

Hey Tanya, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Tanya. I live on the beautiful Gold Coast with my husband and 2 beautiful sons. I love being surrounded by beauty, fashion, enjoying amazing food and margs with friends but I also love solitude, slow moments and a great podcast.

Tell us about your career journey and how you fell into your current line of work as a content creator and photographer.

My entire life I was actually a performer. I toured the world as a dancer and spent 7 years performing at Warner Bros Movieworld before I fell pregnant with my first son. I then started working at Bond University in Event Sales but quickly found a gap in their marketing for social media. I was lucky to be valued enough to create a marketing admin role where my love for digital creating began.

During Covid I found a deeper love for video content and was getting more and more work on my personal page. My love however is to film and create for other brands/businesses to post on their page (UGC) and I decided to take the leap to start my own business called Creative Haus. I’ve been booked solid for 2 years working with various businesses, from fashion to restaurants to interior design, and have also branched into wedding reels with Creative Haus Weddings. Weddings are my absolute favourite to film - it brings me such joy to be able to capture special moments from someone’s magical day.

How does your personal style reflect your personality?

If you have a look at my Instagram you’ll quickly see that I love dresses. I would say my style reflects how feminine I am. I love beautiful quality fabric, classic lines and I don’t particularly follow trends. I prefer unique classic styles.

    You are the queen of reels. Talk us through your creative process when you're creating a reel.

    Haha! Thank you so much. I have a few different processes depending on the subject but generally, I like to film a lot of content and then load it all into my editing program. When filming I like to use the pro options on my iPhone and use a lot of slow movement, depth of field and different dynamics to make it look more textured. Once it’s loaded and ready to edit I start to get a vibe for the video and look for a song or audio to compliment it (the most important part). Now I can start to edit the video to the song, add any transitions or crop for close-ups. Then I finish off with any colour grading needed.

    Sometimes this process can be very time-consuming because I’m particular but it makes for unique videos and gives my signature style. When I'm filming myself for fashion content I like to add tricky transitions or video effects which I’m sure many people assume is an app but these can take me hours to research and learn how to create and can require 2-4 different editing apps to achieve the final look - but it’s a lot of fun.

    You are a mum of 2 boys, a content creator and a business owner. How do juggle all three and what do you do for yourself to wind down and find some me time?
    As any Mum knows juggling life is definitely the hardest part. I’ve always been very driven and I love having a full life so I think you just figure it out and get it done.

    Making time for slow moments in a fast-paced life is a non-negotiable for me as I know now when I’m starting to get run down. I need “solitude days” which might entail going to the bathhouse for an hour, getting a massage, going to the beach or going to the cafe - as long as I’m by myself. Those moments make me a better Mum.

    How do you practice sustainability in your everyday life?

      This has definitely become harder for me in my line of work and is something I think about often, especially working in fashion. In that area I try to choose sustainable fabrics, I often hire outfits for events, I donate every few months, share a lot with my friends and like to support sustainable fashion brands.

      In other aspects of life, I have swapped out all of our household cleaning and a lot of my skincare/makeup for sustainable and eco options and try to limit plastics wherever I can. It’s something I educate my children on so they grow up with a better understanding than we did but it’s something I would like to improve on.