रूह • Rooh • Spirit

Inspired by minimal elegance, our free flowing pieces are made for versatility and designed to live in your wardrobe from season to season.

Based and designed in Sydney, Australia, Rooh pieces are handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Mumbai, India who have been carefully crafting their skill for the past 25 years.

We work closely with our makers to ensure each of our pieces are carefully hand-dyed and embroidered – making no two pieces the same. We focus on producing in limited quantities - to reduce wastage, excess stock and ensure we only make what is wanted.



Give Back

Care for our planet and its people

Celebrate the art of Fashion

Rooh as a brand, business and fashion label is guided by three significant pillars.
We love fashion and the celebration and evolution of global craft and traditional techniques, but most importantly our mission to give back to our artisans in India who are the heart of Rooh.

The foundational basis of adopting a sustainable business model may be common but our genuine commitment to turn our initiatives from just a movement to the way of life is uncommon. We hope to inspire consumers and the industry by reducing carbon footprint through different processes within our business operations. We aspire to operate as clean as possible, meaning at each point in our production cycle, we will consciously work on reducing our impact on our planet by using natural dyes and natural fabrics and working on reducing the usage of electricity and water.

The company’s core values are aligned with our founder, Steph’s personal values. Our mission is to offer only pieces that are better for our consumers and our planet while showcasing the skills of our talented artisans who have been practicing their skills for generations.

As a brand, we are committed to operate in a safe and fair working environment while respecting gender equality and responsible consumption and production.  



Be Open & Honest

Care for our planet and its people 

We have all been part of the fast fashion problem. However, as consumers of today, we have become increasingly aware of our contribution to a positive change in the fashion industry; primarily through the choices we make, pushing for transparency and supporting ethical brands that are focused on creating real impact.

Becoming a fashionable and sustainable label that speaks openly, shows transparency, respects its planet and our team is of utmost importance to us.


Fair labour standards

Natural fabrics

Women Empowerment 

As part of the manufacturing process, we also ensure that we only partner with stitching units with similar values; we source our fabrics only from businesses where their employees work in comfortable and humane conditions and ensure fair labour practices.

We are conscious like our consumers and rethink each step of our process, with the ultimate goal of reducing any negative environmental and social impacts our industry overlooks to date.

By using natural fabrics that use minimal power and water, recycling left over fabrics for inner linings and maintaining a fair, safe and clean workplace for our team in India, we have undoubtedly ensured that sustainability is at the forefront of our production processes.

At Rooh Collective, we are proud to partner with a female-owned studio in Mumbai, India, which has supported their artisans and their families from these textile focused communities for over 25 years.