Poppy | Zephyr

Rs. 24,189.91

Daphne | Zephyr

Rs. 23,651.16

Daphne | White

Rs. 21,496.15

Daphne | Nude

Rs. 21,496.15
Sold out

Lily | Zephyr

Rs. 20,418.65
Sold out

Daisy | Zephyr

Rs. 19,341.15
Sold out

Violet | Zephyr

Rs. 12,337.39 Rs. 19,879.90

Introducing our final chapter this season that explores enlightenment, passion and creativity.

Across this chapter, voluminous sleeves and free-flowing pieces are teamed with intricate tailoring and hand-printed florals that take inspiration from the cultures of our founders.

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